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6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Custom Branded Mints

Mints with printed logo are a great way to promote your business and make sure that it stands out from the competition. Whether you’re giving them away as promotional gifts or including them in customer orders, custom branded mints can be an effective marketing tool. Not only do they look attractive, but they also give customers an enjoyable experience that will leave a lasting impression. Read this blog post to learn about the six key reasons why your business should consider investing in promotional mints today!

  1. Strengthen Customer Loyalty
    Maintaining existing customers is critical to every business. It is vital to do little things to remind customers that they are important. Custom mints are one of those little things that can make a big impact. According to proprietary research, 69 percent of consumers offered a custom mint thought more highly of the business and felt more valued. Are you offering them to customers every time they visit your business?Custom Branded Mints
  2. Market Your Business
    Handing out your business card along with custom branded mints at a networking event or putting imprinted mints on the table at the start of every sales call will leave a lasting brand impression!
    Custom Mints in Tin
  3. Generate New Customer Leads
    Many businesses generate leads using direct mail. Studies show that when promotional products are used as part of a direct mail package, response rates increase between 12 percent and 100 percent. Next time try tossing in a handful of custom logo mints with your direct mail pieces—you’ll increase the chances your direct mail flyer will be opened.
  4. Introduce Something New
    Need a fresh way to introduce a new product, service, website or app?
    Custom mints with printed logo are an extremely effective and efficient marketing tool. Seventy percent of consumers said they would notice if a mint is custom branded with a specific message.Custom Printed Mints in Twist Topper Container
  5. Employee Recognition and Celebrations
    Retaining a loyal workforce is critical to the long-term success of any business. Employees appreciate being recognized for giving that extra effort. Instead of just giving another branded mug, why not gift personalized crystal bowl filled with custom imprinted mints?
    They’re also great to include in gift bags at company events, such as golf outings, picnics and other celebrations.Promotional Custom Logo Wrapped Starlight Mints
  6. Improve Trade Show ROI
    Trade shows are a big investment and time commitment. Custom mints are a low-cost treat that can be sprinkled all around your booth. Print your logo on one side and a marketing message on the other or imprint top of the tin lid and you’ve created a lasting impression to reinforce your trade show messages.
    Custom Imprinted Mints

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