Catnip-infused Direct Mail Is Real and It Works

Catnip Infused Direct Mail


The best way to create a sure-fire promotion is to give out a product that the end-users will actually use and keep. Or, if you can’t do that, give them something they’ll have to pry from the clawed clutches of their cats by sending them catnip-infused direct mail.

Yes, this is real.

Here is why catnip-infused direct mail made perfect (no, not “purrfict”) sense.

Scent targeted marketing has even expanded to the pet market. A cat litter warehouse, looking to draw attention as they launch, chose a direct mail campaign. But they needed a way to ensure their advertising did not wind up in the trash, so they decided to use scent. They infused their postcards with catnip, and kitties went crazy for it.

The promotion evokes a sensory reaction, just not from the targeted buyer. But, who could resist those little kitties’ faces? Genius.

Originally Published by The American Genius on February 21, 2014 

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