How to Market Yourself at A Networking Event

How to Market Yourself at a Networking Event

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran networking is a key part of any business. Networking events are more than a simple meet and greet, they are designed to help business owners not only connect with potential clients but also business contacts.  With so many possible business leads available it is important that you take full advantage of the opportunity and properly market yourself at any networking event.

Do your homework. Think of your networking event as a test. Start by thinking about the goals you want to achieve from the event and use them to develop a marketing plan.  Ask yourself a few key questions. How many people do I want to meet? Who would benefit most from my business? What do I want guests to remember? Make sure to invite those who fall within your targeted group. Focus on not only strengthening current business relationships but more importantly forging new ones. This is key to getting your business out there and helping it to grow.

One of the most important steps to marketing yourself at a networking event is by far the easiest. Be friendly. First impressions are everything! Make sure to speak to guests as they come in. Mingle throughout the crowd, introduce yourself and make other attendees feel comfortable. Find out more about their business and discuss not only how you can help them but how they may be able to potentially help you. No one can market your product better than you so make the most out of every interaction. The goal is to use your few minutes to present your best sales pitch without being too salesy. Always have additional information such as brochures readily on hand to give out.

Get your brand name out there. Branding is a must for any networking event. Don’t be afraid to expand your marketing tools beyond the usual pens and business cards and step out of the box to make a lasting impression. Below are examples of three simple but effective giveaways that can help promote your brand.

A microfiber cleaning cloth in a small pouch that can be carried easily in a pocket or purse or even attached to a key chain is a simple item but something guests could actually use on a regular basis to clean their glasses or even their mobile device. With a large imprinting space and a gorgeous full color imprint, this is definitely a clean marketing choice!

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth

Cell Phone Wallets might not seem very exciting but they can be great advertising tools. Take the time to place a business card or a wallet calendar inside so that your business information is always handy.

Smart Phone Wallet

Smart Phone Wallet

Hand sanitizer is typically a fan favorite. At networking events there is lots of hand shaking and other interactions so a hand sanitizer can go a long way.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

With each of these items in addition to any business cards or flyers make sure to take advantage of the popularity of social media.  Highlight any Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts for additional exposure. If you are able to meet potential clients and use your branding products for some extra advertisement you can consider your networking event a success.

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