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Whether you’re in the business of selling socks or software, promotional tools are essential to increasing brand awareness. That being said, no company wants to be stuck with a box of boring pens or USB drives to give away at a trade show. Regardless of what you’re promoting, here is why it’s time to think outside of the box while spreading the word about your organization and infuse a little humor. …..

Laugh It Up: Humor Can Make Your Promotional Products Memorable

It’s a fact that 8 out of 10 consumers own between one and ten promotional products and about 53 percent of these consumers use a promotional product at least once a week, but how do you make sure your product is what they use?

Although many companies stray from humor when selecting promotional products, professional guidance can make all the difference! We’ve all received that pen and a key tag with just the advertiser’s logo imprinted on it. Did you end up keeping the product? Was it useful? Was it fun? With a promotional product expert, your business can learn how to inject a little fun into its marketing campaign without sacrificing your reputation and your budget. Let us show a few examples of how fun your promotional marketing can be so you stand out from the rest!

People Appreciate Creativity

Think of a business card – what are the odds of a customer remembering you when you give them something that they receive from dozens of other companies? While a business card may be a valuable staple, it isn’t a creative promotional product. You want something that people will remember and use long after they meet you.

While simply having promotional products is already going to help you with brand awareness, having attractive promotional items can dramatically enhance your efforts. There’s no reason why you can’t have the trade show booth that everyone wants to flock to for goodies!
As you look to go beyond conventional promotional products, think about what you would like to receive from a company like your own. What type of product would make you want to become a loyal customer?

Delivering a Punchline

Herman Chan, a top San Francisco Bay Are Real Estate Broker, says that delivering information with a punchline is critical to any marketing strategy that includes humor.
“Younger generations have been socialized to receive info via humor,” Chan told Open Forum. “My clients don’t watch ‘20/20’ or ‘Nightline’ for news, they watch Colbert and Jon Stewart. They want data delivered with a punch line.”

Take Chan’s industry, for example – real estate and home-buying. On average, people spend about six minutes looking for their keys in the morning. Could you see the humor of that statistic on a promotional key chain or lanyard?

Many businesses could also benefit from including a Smart Key Tag 2.0 in their advertising campaigns. This Bluetooth enabled tag is a really cool new product that’s flying off the promotional industry shelves because of a high consumer demand. With a click of a button an alarm sounds to help find a lost phone or keys and even acts as a photo remote so that one does not have to worry about trying to hit the shutter button on their phone. What a great product to present to new home buyers for example?

Knowing Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is critical to any marketing campaign, but this is especially true when using fun promotional products. “It’s okay to poke fun at yourself, the weather, and other innocuous subjects. And big institutions can sometimes be targeted (carefully),” says Mark Ivey, social media consultant. “Stay away from political or religious issues, and don’t target any race, gender or groups like senior citizens.”

Product Usefulness

Using a proper promotional product is always critical to a successful business promotion. A local IT company, for example, wanted to advertise its services with customized pairs of socks. Its target audience was business owners and company decision makers. The company was sure it would be giving out a product that edged its competitors, but one might have questioned its usefulness and relation to their business model.

Thankfully, their promotional product expert stepped in and persuaded it to use a different product that related to its business. It ended up being the most talked about product on a trade show floor — a quality backscratcher branded with catchy message. It was a product that the competition didn’t have, and it ended up being an effective conversation starter with people visiting their booth!  Aside from being a fun and useful item, it made a perfect sense to the tired business owners and management teams who sat in chairs all day with backaches. Fun and useful, you ask? We think so!

Bottom Line

The best way to properly select and advertise with humor is to test drive it first with different types of people and speak to your promotional product expert who can help you properly incorporate fun into business promotion and find cool and useful items that your audience will want to keep.
So, to make sure your company’s items stand out in a sea of products, humor may be just what you need. “Humor provides us a mental break,” Ivey continued. “For companies, it’s a great way to come across more engaging and naturally-more human.”

For all of your promotional product needs, contact Progress Promotional Products today. We have what you need to make a splash at your next company event!

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