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Law enforcement agencies and public organizations, such as DARE, are always on a lookout for new promotional products to give away. Many times, promotional products are taken and tossed aside. For groups, such as police departments, it’s essential to ensure that these marketing items stay in the hands of the recipients. Promotional products that are worth holding onto can increase the odds of recipients understanding and remembering their message. Here are some items that may fit the bill.

  1. Police Officer Ballpoint Pens – Great for police departments, neighborhood watch programs, anti-drug campaigns and security agencies this pen is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! Police Officer Smilez Pen
  2. Sun-Stache Police Glasses – Why not put an awareness message on a Sun-Staches® Police Sunglasses?  This is a new, fun style of eyewear, featuring a mustache and provides 100% UV400 protection!  Perfect for police station fundraisers, charity events and more, this item is sure to get everyone talking!Sun-Stache Police Sunglasses
  3. Bumper Stickers – Bumper stickers are the perfect promotional product because they can be placed in an area where they’ll frequently be seen – a car. Additionally, a bumper sticker with a slogan, such as “Don’t drink and drive,” can spread the word to readers on the road.Drive Safe - Stop Texting
  4. Phone Card Holders – These days, everyone has a phone, from little kids to seniors. To get them into the idea of spreading the word about public safety, why not use this promotional product? A phone card sleeve can have a police department or organization logo, as well as a memorable slogan.Smart Phone Wallet
  5. Awareness Bracelets – This promotional product can easily raise awareness of any cause, whether it’s for a police station or a public organization, such as MADD. Additionally, it serves as a conversation starter, and it can be slipped on for wear every day.Awareness Bracelet
  6. Coloring & Activity Books – To get the younger generation interested in public safety, why not opt for an activity or coloring book? For instance, the “Buckle Up for Safety” coloring book is the perfect promotional products for kids, teachers and parents. Activity books can be just as educational as they are fun for recipients.Coloring Book
  7. Police Officer Backpacks – For the children who still rely on backpacks in a school setting, this promotional product is sure to be a success. Furthermore, a message has a wide opportunity to reach a large audience when it’s printed on a backpack that’s used by a student.Policeman Backpack
  8. Planners – Planners are used by both adults and students, and best of all, they’re used throughout a full year. As a promotional product, they have a long shelf-life, and their message is likely to be seen every day.Planner
  9. Water Bottles – Here’s an item that’ll help quench law enforcement’s need for a great promotional product!  BPA-free bike bottles feature a translucent colored body and translucent colored push/pull cap.  The Ideal product for staying hydrated while hiking, biking, working out or playing sports. Customized with an important message with a long-shelf-life!Water Bottle
  10. Officer Bottle Holders – Shaped like a police uniform, this handy bottle insulator sleeve makes a great promotional giveaway for several occasions. Made of 1/8″ thick high-density open-cell scuba foam, this jersey shaped sleeve fits most 12 oz. longneck bottles. Imprinted with memorable slogan and police department’s logo for maximum visibility and memorability! Ideal for any type of an event!Uniform Bottle Holder
  11. Police Uniform Hand Sanitizer – Uniform shaped dispenser features a pump action spray mechanism that’s dressed-up in a police uniform. The gently scented antibacterial spray meets FDA requirements, and the design is perfect for pockets and purses. Hand Sanitizer


Whether you’re interested in raising awareness of public safety or a local organization, promotional products are effective tools for achieving these marketing goals. Progress Promotional Products has professionals on hand to help you every step of the way, starting with brand messaging to product design. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get started!

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