Summer Marketing – June Holidays, Observances & Awareness Days


With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to start thinking about how you’ll use promotional products to market your brand at the next big event. Summer is packed full of holidays, but luckily, there is still time to prepare for the big rush. Here are the dates, events, and promotional products you’ll want to keep in mind before June officially begins.

Great Outdoors Month
Great Outdoors Month is set for this coming month, and with summer set to kick off on June 21, there’s no better time to have it! Get your promotional sunscreenwater bottles, picnic bags & baskets, and blankets ready to spend time with Mother Nature.

National Safety Month
National Safety Month is also hosted in June, geared toward raising awareness of everything from work-related injuries to accidents that can happen during play. A tote bag as a promotional product can double as an item to raise awareness throughout the month. Walking around with a tote that includes a National Safety Month label can let people know to be cautious. Also, consider safety apparel, high visibility headwearsafety gloves and reflectors.

Sun Safety Week
Did you know that the week of June 5 is National Sun Safety Week? Promotional products, such as hats and T-shirts, are perfect for shielding the sun. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen and sunglasses!

Donut Day
June 3 officially marks Donut Day, which actually dates all the way back to 1938! Think of mugs as the perfect promotional products for this holiday – you wouldn’t want to bite into a delicious donut without a cup of joe on hand, would you? To help everyone recover from the sweets, think of giving away some pedometers with your brand name or slogan. It will make everyone feel a little better, knowing they’re effectively walking off their indulgence.

Flag Day
On June 14, our country will celebrate the adoption of the American flag. Why not commemorate the event with a Flag Day-themed giveaway? Some promotional products you may want to consider are T-shirts and shorts, which can be worn throughout the day to show off your brand and a bit of American pride.

Whether you’re looking forward to Sun Safety Week or you can’t wait for Donut Day, there is a promotional product for every special summer event. At Progress Promotional Products, we’ll work with you to make sure that your message is conveyed effectively to your target audience. We can also help you with everything from product selection to design, so don’t wait – get started with us today!

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