Four Step Process to Organize Business Cards Quickly


You are not alone if you have a huge pile of business cards that you have collected from networking events, business meetings and trade shows. They are hard to part with especially if you don’t know if one of them could prove to be a valuable contact or better yet a client in the future.  Here is a Four-Step Process to manage the business cards you collect from others.

STEP 1: Increase the Face Value of Cards When You Receive Them …..

When you return from a large networking event, convention or trade show it is conceivable that you could bring back a large number of business cards from the contacts you met.  Deciding which cards you want to keep is the first step.  You can make this process easier by placing a quick note on the back of a card shortly after you receive it.  Even something like “Met at table #10 has a daughter at Yale” or “Opening a new store next year”.  These notes will make your follow up conversations and emails that much more valuable and will help you decide whether in the info on the card is something you need to keep.

Better yet, is to have a journal and small stapler with you at all times and attach business cards onto the journal pages when your write down quick notes.  Not only will it make it easier for you to follow-up with people but, it will also make those you meet feel so much more important when they see you do this!

Quick and Easy Way to Organize Business Cards and Take Notes! Business Cards + Journal + Stapler + Pen is all you need!


STEP 2: Sort and Discard

You can usually sort business cards into three piles including those you want to keep for future reference, those you want to follow up with now and those you can discard.  Make those determinations quickly after receiving a card while your memory is fresh.



STEP 3: Follow up Quickly

An effective practice for building your LinkedIn and Social Media following is to connect with people you meet shortly after meeting them.  We recommend sending a personal invitation to connect on LinkedIn, rather than the preset wording that LinkedIn provides.  By mentioning where you met or elements of a conversation you had in your connection invitation will go a long way in the beginning and help form a more meaningful business relationship.  Following others on their social media channels will also help to remind them of your recent meeting.


STEP 4: Save Electronically

Although we highly recommend having business cards to distribute to others we are a big fans of saving contact information in a digital format for easy retrieval.  There are many business card scanners that can be used even from a smart phone that will allow you to save and categorize business cards you receive.


We design and print business cards for many types of businesses.  We understand the design elements are critical for having your business cards stand out from the rest.  We can print as low as 25 cards and as high as 100,000.  We offer various paper stock options, finishes, imprint methods, sizes, shapes and colors!  Your cards could have Square or Round corners.  Or maybe you want Round or Oval cards?  Perhaps you want your cards printed on Pearl Metallic, Clear, Frosted, Matte, Plastic or Wood?  No problem, we’ve got it covered!

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